Constellation Place has an after-hours HVAC & Lighting Control System that can be accessed via a telephone or internet interface. Tenant and User ID’s are assigned by the Office of the Building. We recommend one person be designated as the “Tenant Manager” for this system. This person will be responsible for enrolling/de-enrolling users for the system with their individual security level for access to options and information. In order to do this, you will need to access the system via the Web Interface and follow the steps listed below:

  Click on “Admin” tab
  Enter the individual’s first name and last name
  Select the access level “A/C & Lighting”
  Click “Add User”

This system allows for flexibility in ordering service from your home telephone or cell phone, days, weeks, even up to a year in advance. In some cases, we can schedule an ongoing (recurring) request for you if desired for extended service during the month or year. For billing and tracking purposes, we request that you use this system for all after-hours requests.

Tenants may elect to schedule all requests through their facilities departments, they may allow their employees to have the ability to schedule service or as a convenience, scheduling may be done through the Office of the Building during business hours or through the security console after-hours by stopping by the console or calling the console at (310) 282-0911.

Requests processed through the Office of the Building and/or, through the security console are subject to a $100.00 Programming Fee and must be submitted on the attached After-Hours HVAC/Lighting Request form.

Please click here to access the web-based After-Hours HVAC and Lighting Control System.

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After Hours HVAC Lighting Request  
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