Constellation Place is designed to maximize tenants’ utilization of the newest operations technology:

  Advanced capabilities for high-speed internet, cable and telecom access systems
  Accommodates the latest fiber optic and cable connection solutions


The Mitsubishi Sigma AI 2200 is one of the most advanced elevator systems available:

  Artificial intelligence control systems improve service
  High-speed cabs “learn” and continually update the traffic patterns of each floor and office
  Employees and visitors will never have to wait long for service
  Suspended cab design reduces ride sensation dramatically
  Advanced electronics support the special, reserved parking and private elevator access requirements for VIP tenants and visitors


Newer technology also makes possible Constellation Place’s perfect “climate”, thanks to its advanced heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) system:

  Utilizes the Invensys digital communication system
  Allows building engineers to monitor and control every HVAC component to regulate temperature and air flow in each office
  Operates on a remote-controlled system from the Tower’s central engineering office
  Provides capability to alter interior climate conditions quickly and accurately
    Provides for fast response by building engineers and reduces possibility of delays in service
  Eliminates intrusive interruptions by building engineers to service offices or conference rooms





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