Ownership and Management of Constellation Place is committed to making Constellation Place a greener place to work. In June 2008 Constellation Place became the first LEED® EB certified office building in Los Angeles and achieved the Silver certification.

During the initial LEED EB certification process changes were made to conserve energy and reduce utility consumption, reduce the waste stream and increase recycling, increase the efficiency of the building’s mechanical equipment, add a reflective coating to the roof, increase the purchase of environmentally friendly and sustainable products and designate preferential parking spaces for Green (Hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles). Constellation Place management strives to educate tenants by providing material on sustainability, and making it easy to recycle office waste, used batteries and electronic waste.

Following the initial LEED EB certification process Constellation Place continued the greening process by installing a 1,408 solar panels covering more than one acre on the roof of the parking structure, implementing a lighting control system to reduce electricity consumption and replacing 241 existing stairwell lighting fixtures with energy efficient fixtures.  In December 2011 Constellation Place becalme the first Los Angeles high-rise building to be served by electricity-generating fuel cells. 

Building ownership installed two Bloom Energy Servers that will produce 400 kilowatts of power, about one-third of the electricity needed by the building.  Bloom servers, made by Bloom Energy of Sunnyvale, California, are each big enough to occupy an average parking space and contain thousands of Bloom fuel cells - flat, solid ceramic squares made from a sand-like powder - that convert air and fuel into electricity through an electrochemical process. The fuel cells reduce building's emissions from power generation by 30%. 

Constellation Place is currently a LEED® EB O&M Gold certified building.

Constellation Place’s ongoing greening efforts include:

  Continuing staff education on topics including energy conservation and green building efforts
  Installation of dual flush valves on the toilets in the Women’s Restrooms (August 2009)
  Replacement of 377 existing parking structure lighting fixtures with energy efficient fixtures (September 2009)
  Installation of low flush urinals (September 2009)




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