Constellation Place’s parking structure is located just south of the building.  There are three separate entrances and exits to access the structure.  One is located off of Solar Way (East side of the building) and is staffed with a cashier for visitor parking; the others are located on Constellation Boulevard and Solar Way (South side of the building) . 


Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m – 9:30 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday  - closed  
(parking access available 24 hour 7days a week with monthly cardkey) 


PARKING RATES  (subject to change)
Transient Rates:  
Each 12 min $4.25 to Daily Maximum of $35.00
Valet Parking $5.00 (service charge in addition to the transient rates)
Validation Rates:  
All Day

$35.00 / Chaser Ticket / Minimum Quantity – 10

60 minute $21.25 / Chaser Ticket / Minimum Quantity – 10
12 minute $4.25 / Chaser Ticket / Minimum Quantity – 50
Valet $5.00 / Chaser Ticket / Minimum Quantity – 20
After 6:00 p.m. $4.25 each 12 minutes to Maximum of $15.00 / Chaser Ticket / Minimum Quantity - 10
Monthly Rates:  
Unreserved Rates: $225.00
Reserved Rates: $350.00
VIP Reserved Rates: $480.00 - $505.00






Constellation Place offers the following preferred parking spaces:

Monthly Reserved Parking: 
Spaces available through-out the garage

Carpool/ Van Pool Parking:
10 Van Pool spaces are located in the West Parking Structure on the center ramp leading from G Level to P2 and are available on a first come first serve basis.  66 Carpool spaces are conveniently located on P-5 of the East Parking Structure and 65 Carpool spaces are located on B-3 of the West Parking Structure.

Green Vehicle Parking:
20 spaces are reserved for green vehicle parking (Hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles) and are located on the ramp leading to Level P2 in the East Parking Structure.

Bicycle Parking:
Bike racks are located on the Ground Level just north of the cashier booth at the Solar Way East entrance and on level P-4 near the Parking Office at the Solar Way South entrance.

Gregg Vorbroker
Parking Manager
Standard Parking
T: (310) 551-0250
F: (310) 551-0252

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Parking Rules and Regulations  
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