Constellation Place’s comprehensive recycling program has been in place since the building opened in 2003.  Recycle containers (for plastic and glass, bottles, aluminum cans and newspapers) are conveniently located on the ground level of the parking structure elevator lobbies as well as in public gathering areas.  Tenants are provided with small cardboard desk side boxes and large boxes for copy areas/pantries and break rooms.  The boxes are custom printed with a listing of “Acceptable” and “Not Acceptable” materials.  Blue plastic recycle containers are available for purchase at cost through the Management Office.  Acceptable materials include all paper products, plastic bottles and food containers, glass bottles and aluminum cans.  Recyclable materials are emptied on a nightly basis by two full time designated janitors on a floor by floor, desk by desk basis.  The materials are placed in a 30-ton compactor which on average, is emptied 3 times per month.  The contents are sorted at the recycle center.  Ongoing recycling education is provided for occupants via training sessions and through the Monthly Tenant Newsletter.

  Since January 2007, approximately 2,340 cubic yards of waste have been diverted from landfill on an annual basis.
  Since 2004, 682 tons of mixed paper and cardboard have been recycled.  This equates to 11.36 tons per month on average.
  In 2007, a chemical mixing station was installed where bulk products are purchased and mixed on site to reduce packaging and containers.
  A year round used battery recycling program was implemented in 2007.  Tenants are encouraged to bring in batteries from home for proper disposal.
  Quarterly electronic waste recycling drives are held for tenants to dispose of items including old monitors, computers, copiers, fax machines, etc.
  Construction waste diverted from landfill totaled 71% in 2007 and 75.82% in 2008.
  All lamps containing mercury are sent to a certified recycling facility for disposal.  In 2008 approximately 5,000 lamps were recycled.



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